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Scott Satterfield Decides Not To Have A Spring Game In 2019

Jake Lourim of the Courier-Journal reports that Scott Satterfield has decided not to have a spring game in 2019.

The Cardinals will hold their first spring practice Feb. 11, about a month earlier than they have in the past. They will wrap up spring camp on March 7.

Scott Satterfield’s first team at Louisville will not have an official “spring game” between two halves of the team. But at least one practice — maybe more — will be open to the public. The Cards will practice in front of fans on at least their last day.

Teams are allowed 15 spring practices. Louisville will finish this season before spring break begins on March 9.

I imagine there will be plenty of fans disappointed in this decision, but personally I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

Saying that the spring games in recent years were lightly attended would be an understatement.

Appalachian State did not have spring games during Satterfield’s tenure as their head coach.

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