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Damarcus Smith To Central Florida

DAMN!!! I wanted to be wrong about this, but my gut feeling told me that this would happen. Charlie Strong and staff have signed the best recruiting class in school history with or without Smith, but this really hurts.

Quote From Press Conference

“I knew I had to make the best decision for me,” Smith said. “I hope people understand that I had to do what is best for me. It’s a business decision. I want everybody to respect me for my decision. It’s best for me.”

That quote leaves me a little confused. How is Central Florida a better business decision than Louisville? Charlie Strong is brining relevance back to this program. Central Florida is not a bad program at all, but they play in C-USA. He would get much more exposure playing in the Big East. The parody in this league makes it possible for the Cards to compete for that BCS Bowl bid within the next couple years. Central Florida will never play in a BCS bowl.

I think this has a lot more to do with Teddy Bridgewater than most think. When Coach Strong went out and got a quarterback that was ranked higher than Smith, I think it hurt his feelings a little bit. If you have ever met or spoke with Damarcus, you know he is the last guy you could imagine being intimidated in that type of situation, but in all honestly I think that is what it all came down to. If Coach Strong had went out and got a committment from a 2-star quarterback do you honestly think that Smith would have changed his mind? Some will get upset and blame the staff for letting a local 4-star quarterback land at another school, but I don’t blame them one bit. They did everything they could, I just think that Smith honestly felt betrayed.

After having Damarcus committed to this program for over a year and then lose him just two weeks before signing stings a little bit, but we have no choice but to just move on. This is still a top 25 recruiting class, even without Smith. I wish him the best, but with that being said, I hope we get a chance to play against him one day.

Let the campaign start now. WILL STEIN FOR HEISMAN!!!!

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