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Chris Mack Shares Statement Regarding Cancellation Of NCAA Tournament

Within 48 hours of arriving in Greensboro for the ACC Tournament, Chris Mack and the Louisville Cardinals season was over before even playing a post season game.

Late Thursday evening Mack shared a statement on the situation via @CoachChrisMack on Twitter.

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Hard to put into words what I’m feeling right now. Yes, I know the virus our globe is experiencing is an unknown but I’m allowed to feel empathy and sadness for our seniors. Ryan, Dwayne and Steven listened to me talk for 30 minutes before I was introduced as head coach almost 2 years ago and have been ALL IN ever since. 5th year grad student transfer Fresh Kimble FaceTimed me almost 10 months ago and said, “Coach I’m coming to Louisville” without even visiting. Keith Oddo chose to graduate from Richmond and be a walk on for one year with the Cardinals. Jordan Nwora, 1st Team All-ACC, called me moments before he had to make a go or stay decision with the NBA in May trusted me with his last year in college. They all wanted to play in the NCAA Tournament. We were ready. We weren’t perfect. But we were ready.

I understand the seriousness of what’s going on with the coronavirus but I’m still allowed to be sad for MY guys. They were excited. They should have been. They were ready to represent Cardinal fans everywhere.

I’m still disappointed the NCAA couldn’t the lead of the NBA, the NHL or MLB. Suspend, don’t cancel. If at another time down the road, cancellation was the only option, I get it. It’s bigger than sports. But I believe I will see an NBA Champion crowned in 2020, an NHL Champion crowned in 2020 and an MLB condensed season 2020. Why not a national champion at some point in the best sport in America? I digress.

Stay safe America. Love my team and my seniors.

I still want a One Shining Moment in 2020.

Coach Mack

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