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What Went Wrong In Louisville’s Blowout Loss To Alabama

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Louisville found out the hard way why you hear people say, “Bama is Bama.”

Saturday’s game was a physical domination by Alabama. Louisville looked outclassed for the majority of the game. There were moments when Bobby Petrino’s team didn’t appear to belong on the same field as Alabama.

Everybody in the college football world knew Louisville was a major underdog. With that said, a major requirement for the Cardinals was to be competitive.

The Cards weren’t even in the same stratosphere in terms of competitiveness. At one point they were down 51-7. Regardless how great Alabama is, this was an embarrassing showing.

Louisville needed to play really good football and failed at every step of the way, as they were defeated in all phases of the game. Alabama’s offense did whatever they pleased. Alabama’s defense bullied Louisville’s offense.

The running game was nonexistent as they mustered just 16 yards on the ground. The receivers couldn’t consistently get open and were virtually invisible.

Louisville offense totaled a measly 268 yards of offense with 14 points.

The defense struggled on the line of scrimmage and had difficulties tackling. The defensive backs couldn’t cover any of Alabama’s receivers whether it was blown coverage, man to man, or zone. Tua Tagovailoa threw for 227 yards and totaled three touchdowns and only threw one pass in the second half.

Louisville’s defense gave up 38 points, 519 of total offense, 222 rushing yards, and 297 yards passing. Special teams gave up an inexcusable touchdown allowing Josh Jacobs to break off numerous tackles. Offense had two turnovers including a pick-6.

Discipline was an issue as the Cardinals totaled 11 penalties for 93 yards. In the first half, Louisville was penalized four times for illegal substitution. That’s unacceptable; you are ruining possessions offensively and defensively. Louisville even had a false start out of a timeout on first & goal on Alabama’s 6-yard line.

That’s on coaching.

Louisville’s third down efficiency was porous as they were 4-for-15 in comparison to Alabama going 10-for-15 on third downs.

The game was lost early when Louisville had a few opportunities and didn’t capitalize.

On the opening drive, Louisville’s defense had Alabama in 3rd & 13 at the Alabama 32 and the defense gives up a first down on a simple check down to Damian Harris. Then Tagovailoa shredded the defense for the rest of the drive, scoring in four plays.

It’s 7-0, Alabama is driving and then Cornelius Sturghill forced DeVonta Smith into fumbling which Dorian Etheridge recovered. The subsequent drive resulted in a three and out.

Alabama followed that drive with a six-play 55-yard drive in three minutes of game time. Then it was 14-0

On Louisville’s third offensive drive, they had a scoring opportunity and Jawon Pass threw an interception in the end zone. Alabama followed the takeaway with a six-play 75-yard play drive. Now it is, 21-0, the game was over at that point.

Louisville in six possessions in the first half resulted in, five punts and an interception. When your offense performs that poorly against Alabama, you’re praying to be down 28 and it could have been worse if Tua Tagovailoa wasn’t substituted for Jalen Hurts for a few series during the first half

When you’re playing against the defending champions in Alabama, those failed opportunities aren’t going to get you beat, it’s going to get you obliterated.

This needs to be a learning experience for Louisville, and they must grow from this or this will be a long season.

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