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What Can The Browns Do For The Cards?

It came to my attention while watching the North Carolina debacle that this program is full of Browns, and some pretty good ones too.  Freshman Jamon Brown, Sophomores Preston Brown and Dominique Brown, and Junior Daniel Brown.  Three of the four played against the Tar Heels and they played well.  Daniel Brown, the most proven of the Browns, sat out with what I assume was an injury issue.  I’d like to introduce you to the Browns one by one, starting with the youngest and least well-known.
Jamon Brown – This is an interesting story.  One thing some people may not know is that Jamon was one of the best prospects in the state of Kentucky as a Senior at Fern Creek High School here in Louisville.  He was a three star prospect and voted All-District 6-A.  Brown had a pretty good spring and showed some bright spots on the Defensive Line for a true freshman.  At Fern Creek Jamon played on both sides of the ball and was a three year starter on defense as well as a two year starter on offense.  That is what probably led to his very recent move to the offensive line.  I think there is no question that Jamon’s natural position is on the defensive side of the ball, but with the atrocious offensive line this team has, the coaching staff felt they had no choice but to put him on the offensive line to help and potentially disrupt his progress.  The kid is 6′-6″ and 325 pounds and freakishly athletic with his size.  I think we will see big things from Jamon Brown, regardless of what side of the ball he’s on.
Preston Brown – At 6′ 258lbs, Preston is a large presence within the linebacking corp.  Playing all 13 games last year he is now far from an underclassman.  Preston is the prototypical Linebacker for a Charlie Strong defensive system.  While having a relatively quiet season last year statistically, Preston was no slouch and really showed some talent.  No sophomore slump for this guy.  Through five games he is second on the team in total tackles with 32, not far behind team leader Dexter Heyman’s 39.  Preston is like a quiet assassin.  If you can tell me that you knew he was performing that well I would ask for a breathalyzer.  Kudos To P-Brown because he is doing big things on a defensive squad where there are many that could overshadow him.  Not anymore.
Daniel Brown – To no surprise the 6′-1″ 220 pound junior linebacker is tied with Hakeem Smith for 3rd in the team in total tackles.  Last year Daniel had a career best 55 tackles and tied for the team lead with 10 tackles for loss.  You will rarely ever see Brown miss an assignment or a tackle.  Game in and game out you know what you’re going to get every time and that’s 110%.  Daniel Brown is a beast and will likely take over Dexter Heymans role next year as a defensive leader. 
Dominique Brown – Last but certainly not least.  Dominique Brown is easily the most versatile guy on the field for the Cardinals.  Brown can line up at tailback, quarterback, and wide receiver and be effective at every position.  Dominique is the kind of guy that you absolutely need to have on the field as much as possible in some form or another for this offense.  Not only is he a great athlete but when he steps on the field the opponent doesn’t always know what he’s going to do and that is a huge weapon for what has seemed to be somewhat of a vanilla offense.  Hopefully with a change in the play calling the Cardinals find a way to take advantage of the guy.  Hopefully this staff does not make a mistake and under utilize the versatility of Dominique Brown.  the guy has the ability to be a game changer.
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