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Webster-Chan Speaks About Decommittment

Webster-Chan’s Comments To

“I just didn’t feel comfortable with all of the changes at Louisville,” he told Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop. “I had a great relationship with Coach [Mark] Lieberman and with his new role [as Director of Basketball Operations], I just didn’t feel like it was the best fit for me. I appreciate all of the Louisville fans that have showed their support for me and hope they understand. I will always be a Card fan because of my bro Gorgui [Dieng].”

According to his high school coach Rob Fulford, Webster-Chan will completely restart his recruiting process. He is not expected to make a decision until next spring.

Like I stated earlier, this looks really bad considering the circumstances, but I can assure you this was mutual. The Louisville coaching staff is very high on two other guards in this 2012 class, D’Vauntus Smith-Rivera and Gary Harris. Coach Pitino has been in contact with Smith-Rivera this week. Pitino has also shifted a good amount of attention towards Rodney Purvis in order to try to keep him committed.

There is definitely some truth to the fact that Webster-Chan didn’t feel as comfortable without Tim Fuller. However, just hours after it was reported that Fuller was leaving, Webster-Chan reassured everyone that he was still 100% committed to Louisville. Trust me, this isn’t the case where he just had a change of heart. Both sides likely felt this would be best.

I personally think Negus is the type of player you absolutely want in your program, but unfortunately I don’t get to make these decisions.

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