Cardinal Football

Utilizing Talent

The most notable and obvious problem for the Cards on Saturday was the difference in the level of talent between the two schools. Other than the offensive line, which was a push, Kentucky looked to be more talented at every other position on the field.

If you glance at the depth chart and look at the experienced returnees for each program, the Kentucky advantage doesn’t stand out like it did on the field Saturday. However, some of the most talented players on the Louisville roster saw limited action in week one.

Josh Chichester spent his first two seasons with Louisville as a reciever, and was converted to TE this fall. In two seasons, Chichester has 47 receptions for 543 yards and 4 TD’s. Senior TE, Cam Graham, is without a doubt the best option at that position, so it seems Chichester is in a situation where his talent will not be utilized.

Last season, sophomore Darius Ashley finished second on the team in rushing with 462 yards on 106 carries with four touchdowns. However, due to the depth at RB, Ashley was converted to cornerback. Depth at corner is definately an issue, but with Ashley’s athleticism and playmaking ability, you would hope we could use him somewhere on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe at wide reciever?

Having two proven RBs is never a bad thing, but if Powell and Vic are not going to split carries, Vic could be used as a slot receiver. I anticipate we will see the two of them with a more even amount of carries as the year goes on. Saturday, Powell had 16 carries, while Anderson had 8. Vic is too talented to not have on the field. I think he has proven that.

I don’t question the decisions of this staff, these guys know a lot more about football than I do. However, if we continue to get little production from the starters, I wonder if we will go with some of the guys on the sideline, that are proven playmakers?

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