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UofL Looking Into Social Media Death Threat Made To Jordan Nwora

Chris Humphrey

When speaking to the media on Tuesday night following the Cards win over Miami, Louisville star Jordan Nwora discussed the reaction he received following his poor performance against Kentucky.

Nwora said that he received a message from someone saying they wanted him dead because they last a $15 bet in the Kentucky loss.

“I had someone message me and tell me they wanted to kill me over a fifteen dollar bet,” Nwora said. “I said, it’s a fifteen dollar bet, if that’s what you’re worried about I think you’ve got more issues than to worry about me.”

As much as I wish to say this was surprising, it really isn’t. Chris Mack agrees.

“It’s sad to say it doesn’t surprise me anymore. People are wild on social media,” Mack said at his press conference on Friday. “It’s just the way of the world. It’s a little sad – it’s really sad – but it doesn’t surprise me in the least anymore. That part’s sad to say.”

Another thing that isn’t at all surprising is that this isn’t being taken lightly.

“It is,” Mack said when asked if the threat was being investigated. “I don’t know any more than that,” Mack said. “It wasn’t one of those cursory deals where we just overlooked it. The proper people and the authorities here at Louisville are doing what they’re supposed to do and following up.”

Hopefully someone is held responsible so an example can be made that this is unacceptable behavior.

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