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UK 23 – UL 16 Post Game Notes

This is the first Cardinal Connect blog post since the football season has officially started and Card fans I will let you know up front, I love my Cardinals, but I will be critical of the team when need be.

The Cardinal Strong debut was a tale of two different halves. Honestly, I was very disappointed, during the first half. I understand the talent level in this program is very down, but there is no excuse for petty penalties and the defense being completly lost on the first drive of the game. Offensively, I thought we were way to conservative early on. The play calling showed that the staff had little confidence in Adam Froman. Other than the interception, Froman looked pretty good. 

The positive way to look at this game would obviously be the second half. For the first time in years we saw a coaching staff actually adjust and make changes. If you take away the first drive of the game (34 seconds) the Cards actually competed. What this game all came down to was the fact that Kentucky actually has much better talent. If you would have told that would have told me that five years ago, I would have laughed, but it was very evident today. 

Game Notes:

– At QB, I think we made the right decision with Fro, he made some throws this afternoon that we didn’t see last year. Despite going 14-30, there were a number of catchable balls that were dropped.    

– Bilal Powell looked much better than he did last year, rushing for a career best 153 yards. I can see the imprvement Coach Strong was hopeful about. With that being said, I think we can utilize Vic Anderson in a number of different ways.

– At wide reciever we saw very little today. Losing Josh Belamy early on really hurt. With a concussion I doubt we see him next week. Andrell Smith, was a non factor and poor Troy Pascley dropped more balls than Dick Clark, on New Years Eve. Pascley has had better performances in the past, so I believe he can get it together. If were not going to throw the ball to Doug Beaumont we might as well red shirt him, so we can have him next year. Beaumont, has caught 84 more passes than any other reciever. I really thought we would look to him more. 

– The defensive line didn’t play great, but I honestly expected worse. From an overall standpoint, the defense looked very slow! The first half was an absolute embarassment. I was impressed with Coach Strong, being able to realize that some of the guys on defense were not getting it done and we needed to make some substitutions. The second half looked much better, but the defense has a long way to go.

– Chris Philpott, may be the real deal at kicker. Philpott, is now 7-7, in his career at kicker.       

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