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Tyra Prepared To Do Everything In His Power To Keep Satterfield Long Term

There are very few college football programs that will never have to worry about losing their head coach to another school.

Unfortunately, the University of Louisville football program isn’t one of them. That’s not a knock at Louisville It’s just reality. Even though it’s still not considered one of the best of the best, the program has made huge strides in recent decades.

The University of Louisville’s ACC membership provides a path to a national championship, which didn’t appear possible with the dying Big East or the American Athletic Conference. Louisville is also one of only 40 programs that claim a Heisman trophy winner, which certainly gives the program a boost.

The job is certainly more attractive than it’s ever been, but there are still programs out there that are viewed as better jobs regardless of what criteria you want to use.

With that said, Vince Tyra is certainly going to do everything he can do keep Satterfield in Louisville if other big jobs come calling.

“I think that’s gonna happen all the time,” Tyra said when asked if he thought a school might ask to speak with Satterfield about an opening. “There’s been so much great publicity on what Scott did at App State and now people are as much focused on what he did there as what he is doing here. We were ahead of it, thankfully. There are some great openings this year. The expectation is those kinda coaches that do it well on and off the field are going to be approached.

“I haven’t heard from anybody but I am open with all of our coaches and have those conversations,” Tyra said. “Do I expect that our talented coaches, people will look to poach them like they have in the past? Yes. Do I expect or want to lose them? Heck no.

“We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure this coaching staff is here for a long time.”

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