Trinity Cancels Class After Brohm Decision Leads To Threat Against The School

Jeff Brohm turning down the Louisville gig to remain at Purdue wasn’t the only bad look for Louisville fans on Wednesday.

Yes. It gets worse.

Due to a threat made against the school, Trinity has decided to cancel classes on Thursday.

Trinity officials were notified by police of a threat against the school due to Jeff Brohm deciding to remain at Purdue.

While police investigate the threat classes are canceled and offices are closed on Thursday, Nov. 29.

Twitter speculators believe this was the threat that led to the school getting law enforcement involved.

Given the nature of this Twitter account, I’m going to assume this was a joke, but jokingly threatening harm to a school won’t go over well with anyone. This day in age the school has no choice but to report it to authorities.

To be clear, we still don’t know what threat Trinity received and where it came from, but of course nationally folks are pointing at it being an upset Louisville fan due to Brohm’s decision.

Not exactly a good look.

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