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The ACC’s Plan For Football Could Be Unveiled Wednesday

Chris Humphrey

When the Big 10 announced earlier this month that they’ll have a conference only schedule for football in 2020, the expectation was that the other four power five leagues would do the same thing.

As of now, the PAC 12 is the only other power five league that has opted to follow the Big 10 and play only conference games. The ACC, Big 12 and SEC have yet to announce their plans for the college football season.

According to Tony Barnhart of Sports Illustrated, the ACC’s athletic directors are expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss a few different scheduling models.

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**–The current 12-game schedule which will start on Sept. 5. That is considered to be the least likely scenario.

**–A schedule of 10 conference games and one non-conference game, which would move the start of the season to Sept. 12. This one would provide the most income from its television partners.

**–A schedule of eight conference games plus one non-conference game with a start date of around Sept. 26. This gives schools more flexability to move games if necessary.

The schedule model the coaches receive will not have the dates or times for the games, according to the source.

It is expected that the last two scheduling options would bring in Notre Dame as a full member of the ACC for one year only and eligible to play for the conference championship. It is also expected that the ACC would do away with divisional play and chose the top two teams in the 15-team league to play in the conference championship game.

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It seems like the ten game conference schedule with one non-conference game has the most momentum, but of course, as we’ve learned over the last few months, things could change any minute.

Louisville’s schedule wouldn’t look a whole lot different under this model. The Cards game against Notre Dame would turn into a conference game, the Kentucky game would be the lone non-conference game and there would be one more ACC team added to the schedule.

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