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Teddy Bridgewater Improves To 5-0 As Saints Starting QB

When Teddy Bridgewater was asked to step in as the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints last month there were plenty of doubters.

Filling the shoes of Drew Brees is certainly easier said than done, but I was very surprised to hear just how many national talking heads doubted Bridgewater’s ability to step in and lead the offense while Brees gets healthy.

I’ll admit I’m a little biased with it comes to Teddy, but here we are five games later and Teddy Bridgewater is still unbeaten as the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Bridgewater completed 23 of 38 passes for 281 yards, with two touchdowns and no turnovers as the Saints won 36-25 on the road against the Chicago Bears.

Not only is Teddy undefeated as the Saints starter, but he’s thrown a total of nine touchdowns in five games with just two interceptions and a total of 1,205 pass yards.

It’s not always pretty when he’s under center, but Ted simply gets it done.

When Drew Brees returns he’ll certainly get the starting nod over Teddy, but the front office in New Orleans has some big decisions to make about their long term future. Bridgewater has one season left on his current contract. These past five weeks have certainly been noticed by other NFL teams that are uncertain about their quarterback situation.

When asked about the Brees situation Teddy was very much on brand.

Never change, Ted!

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