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Teddy Bridgewater Expected To See A Huge Pay Day In Free Agency

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Teddy Bridgewater’s decision to return to New Orleans as the back-up QB rather than signing with the Miami Dolphins as their starter has aged well.

The Dolpins are openly tanking and Bridgewater was able to take full advantage of the the opportunity he received when Drew Brees was injured.

Bridgewater helped lead the Saints to wins in all five games he started. He completed 69.7% of his passes for 1205 yards with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. Bridgewater had a 101.7 passer rating.

Early on in the five game stretch Teddy wasn’t asked to do a whole lot, but each week you could see him getting more comfortable. There was plenty of rust that needed to be shaken off considering Bridgewater hadn’t taken snaps in a meaningful game in years.

As much as I am a Teddy Bridgewater super fan, I think we can all agree he’ll never be regarded of the league’s “elite” QB’s. But he’s certainly better than a lot of the guys who start for various NFL teams and that means he’ll likely see a huge pay day this offseason.

NFL columnist Mike Freeman reports that Bridgewataer could get offers between $20 million and $30 million per year. Freeman lists the Buccaneers, Patriots and Bears as the teams with the best chance of landing Teddy.

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