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St. Johns Could Be Early Leader For Harrow

Ryan Harrow and his mother Fern Matthews will embark on a 10-day 5-school journey this week, in hopes to find a new destination for Harrow. The N.C. State transfer will visit Kentucky, Texas, Louisville, Georgia and St. John’s over the next 10 days.

Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisville were a few of the first schools mentioned as a potential destination for Harrow, but according to his mother, St. Johns could already have the early lead.

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“I kind of wanted to get the five visits out-of-the-way and give Ryan a week or two to make a decision and then get ready for summer school.

“It will be busy.”

Asked if all five schools were equal in their minds going in, Matthews had this to say: “No one has anything any better than these five, other than St. John’s is our home.”

The family has deep connections to Queens and the New York area.

Both Fern and her husband, Mark, grew up in Queens. Former St. John’s assistant Ron Rutledge is a close family friend whom Harrow refers to as an “uncle.”

It sounds like Harrow will at least visit Louisville before making a decision. I had initially thought he may make a decision before getting a chance to come here, but St. Johns will be the last of the five schools he is going to visit and I doubt he makes a decision before heading there.

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