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Someone Told Jordan Nwora They Wanted Him Dead After The Kentucky Loss

Chris Humphrey

College or professional, big or small, every fan base in sports has their fair share of awful people who embarrass the majority.

Unfortunately, that applies to Louisville as well.

If there’s one game that Louisville fans would lose their mind over, it’s an overtime loss to Kentucky in Rupp Arena where you had the better team. One of the biggest issues for the Cards in their loss to the Cats was Jordan Nwora’s poor performance.

Since arguably the worst game of his career, Nwora has bounced back in a major way. In the last two games Nwora is averaging 25.5 points and 11 rebounds.

Jordan showed some major maturity when speaking to the media on Tuesday night after the win over Miami. He realizes he can’t change what happened and all he can do is move forward. That’s exactly what he’s done.

When asked about what reaction he got from fans following the Kentucky loss, Nwora said that someone messaged him saying they wanted him dead because they last a $15 bet in the Kentucky loss.

“I had someone message me and tell me they wanted to kill me over a fifteen dollar bet,” Nwora said. “I said, it’s a fifteen dollar bet, if that’s what you’re worried about I think you’ve got more issues than to worry about me.”

Context always matters, so it’s important to note that Nwora laughed while sharing the story. Hear for yourself at the 1:15 mark of this video.

I wish I could say I’m surprised that this happened, but I’m not. As mentioned, every fan base has their fair share of jerks.

Jordan can’t change what happened at Rupp Arena, but so far he’s responded about as well as possible.

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