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Some Guy Tried To Stop Montrezl Harrell From Dunking, Which Was A Big Mistake


Montrezl Harrell played in just one game with the Los Angeles Clippers in the Las Vegas summer league. Considering Trez is entering his third season in the NBA, it’s not surprising that he wasn’t asked to spend much time in the summer league.

After leaving Vegas, Trez headed to New York to play in the Dyckman Tournament, which is one of the top street ball tournaments in the world. The level of competition isn’t exactly as tough as the NBA, therefore Harrell didn’t have trouble making an impact.

Trez nearly shut down the gym earlier this week when some guy made the mistake of trying to meet him at the rim to prevent a fast-break dunk.

"then there was the murder itself" "Shouts out to my sun for the set up @abb_humblenhungry"

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