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Shut Up, Purdue Fans. Louisville Is A Much Better Job

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When did Purdue become a better job than Louisville?

Louisville has better facilities, generates more revenue, recruits better and the list goes on.

Greg McElroy made a vacuous comment in comparing the job at Louisville to the job at Purdue on College SiriusXM.

“But if you’re really looking at the two jobs Purdue is a better job right now than Louisville is right now.”

That statement is almost comical but unfortunately McElroy is serious.

The Boilermakers have been an absolute abomination of a college football program in this past decade.

The last time Purdue was ranked in AP top 25 was 2007 at number 23. Last time the program was ranked in the top 10 was 2004.

When you’re talking about jobs, you can’t only view occupations in the vortex of ‘right now’. The history also matters.

Louisville crushes Purdue in significant categories that almost makes this topic an incontrovertible discussion.

Purdue has only one double digit win season in school history which occurred in 1979. Louisville has two in the last decade. Purdue hasn’t had an eight win season since 2007.

According to 247 Sports, in the past four years , Purdue finished 51st, 72nd, 80th, and 67th in the national rankings for recruiting.

Louisville has finished 30th, 34th, 38th, and 33rd.

The past six NFL drafts only nine Purdue players have even been drafted. Louisville has 22.

Louisville’s stadium capacity is 65,000 versus Purdue’s stadium which is 57,236.

According to USA Today Sports, Louisville’s total revenue from athletics ranked 22nd with $120,445,303 compared to Purdue who’s program ranked 46th with $84,841,113.

According to Emory University, Purdue was ranked as having the worst Power 5 fanbase in the NCAA.

Purdue isn’t a better job than Louisville. Purdue was the laughingstock of the Big Ten prior to Jeff Brohm’s arrival. Purdue’s recent success is stupendous for Brohm’s resume.

Even with the bright coaching abilities of Brohm, Purdue record under his tenure is 12-11.

If you just want to compare the last two years, Purdue only has two more wins than Louisville.

But over the past four years Purdue has been pitiful. The program has only won 17 games. Louisville has 36 over the past four years.

Louisville isn’t a top 15 power five football program but it is without question, better than Purdue.

Bromh has laid solid foundation at Purdue, which doesn’t make it crazy to think he’d stay, but if he does it won’t be because it’s a better job than Louisville.

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