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Seattle Times: Wroten Live Chat

Last night the Seattle Times had a live chat with Wroten. He is doing a great job keeping a tight lip. I think it’s a 50/50 chance of landing Wroten. Some of his answers (in bold) indicate he favors Louisville, but anytime a kid has a big press conference in his hometown that usually means he isn’t going anywhere. However, the fact that he claims the announcement will be interesting, makes me believe he is going to surprise everyone. 

Seattle Times Interview.

On the eve of the biggest decision of his life, Garfield basketball star Tony Wroten conducted an exclusive live chat. Here are highlights.

Q: What will be the deciding factor in which school you choose?

Wroten: The school that has a crazy fan base. The coaching staff. The roster. Being able to have fun in the city I’m in.

Q: Have you made your big decision yet?

Wroten: No, I’m still undecided until Thursday at 3 p.m.

Q: Watching guys like Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Tre Simmons, Will Conroy all go to UW, do you feel pressure to follow in their footsteps?

Wroten: No pressure at all. I’m going to do what’s best for me.

Q: What coaches have been in contact with you in the past 48 hours?

Wroten: Louisville, Louisville, Louisville. For real.

Q: How are you doin’? Nervous? Excited? A little of both?

Wroten: I’m just fine right now, but I know the closer it gets to my decision I’ll have butterflies in my stomach.

Q: What color do you like better, red or purple?

Wroten: I love purple, but I’ve been wearing a lot of red lately.

Q: I’m a big UW fan, but I have class tomorrow during your decision. Would it be worth it for me to skip class?

Wroten: Whether I got to UW or Louisville, the way I announce is going to be very interesting. So, yes, you should skip class.

Q: Have you ever thought about what it would be like to play at the same school as your dad?

Wroten: I do. I think about it all the time, but what you think about doesn’t always happen.

Q: Any risk of you having a Terrence Jones situation, where you pick a team and then second guess yourself?

Wroten: No. Whatever school I choose tomorrow I’m going to. I’m not going to switch it up later.

Q: What will be your jersey number?

Wroten: 13. I was born on the 13th and my sophomore year at state I was having a bad game. I got blood on my jersey and I had to change to No. 13. I was killin’ it after that.

Q: Is Seattle U. all still in the picture?

Wroten: Yes, they are.

Q: It’s not raining here in Louisville right now.

Wroten: It’s very nice here, too.

Q: Which is the best college basketball conference?

Wroten: Big East.

Q: What do you say about those scouts who have said that you have lost that quickness after your knee injury?

Wroten: Just watch …

Q: How many people know where you’re going?

Wroten: I can count them on my hand, so like five. My immediate family.

Q: Would living in Seattle be a distraction for you, with friends and all

Wroten: No, not at all.

Q: Have you already told the coach where you are committing?

Wroten: They’re going to be watching just like everybody else.

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