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San Francisco Preview


The Dons shouldn’t give the Cards much trouble, but anything can happen. Louisville has a bad history of getting into a slump after breaking into the top 25. I don’t anticipate that happening this season, but like I said, you never know.

San Francisco was predicted to finish 6th in the West Coast Conference pre-season poll and come into this game with a 3-4 record. The win over a Big 12 team in Colorado looks good on paper, but to be blunt, Colorado sucks something awful this season.  This squad lacks elite level talent, but they do play very physical and will compete for 40 minutes. The only slight scare the Cards have had this season was against Marshall, who is somewhat similar to the Dons.

 Freshman point guard Cody Doolin is too good to be playing at San Francisco. I had a chance to watch him play a little bit in the AAU circuit and was surprised more schools didn’t offer him. Both Michael Williams and Angel Caloiaro are shooting better than 40% from downtown.

I predict this game to be similar to what we have seen the last couple of weeks, but with that bein said, San Francisco isn’t the type of team that is just going to lay down and give up if they get down early.

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