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Samard Samuels…Will He Even Get Drafted?

According to the mock drafts of  NBADRAFT.NET & DRAFTEXPRESS.COM neither website has Samuels getting drafted. Some say the mock drafts mean absolutely nothing but they are often surprisingly accurate. Under the financial circumstances of Samardo’s family I wish him nothing but the best…BUT I really feel this is a terrible decision.

Similar to Earl Clark Samardo seems like a guy who just really does not enjoy the student athlete lifestyle. It was no secret that after Earl’s sophomore year he was ready to get the hell out of school…Earl tested the waters and made the ride decision to come back for one more year. No matter how badly Earl hated being a student athlete I think he realized how much he would gain financially with another season under his belt.

Samardo at first tested the waters and worked out for a few NBA teams…Since the 1 and done rule came into place all college players have a period to test the waters and get feedback from scouts and NBA GM’s that will let them know where they stand and what there chances of being drafted are…From what I understand every GM and scout that talked to Samuels advised him that  he would benefit greatly from 1 or maybe 2 more years of college… 2 former Cardinal Players ( both 4 year guys) David Padgett & Terrance Williams spoke to Samuels a couple weeks ago and tried to persuade him to come back for one more year.

The only positive news I have heard about Samardo and his draft status is that the Minnesota Timberwolves have came out publicly and stated that Samuels is on their radar (Along with about 7 other players.)

I spent a lot of last season frustrated with Samardo and often called him Samantha Samuels because of his soft presence in the paint…none the less I do wish him nothing but the best. With his family in poverty I can understand him doing what he needs to do to support them. Even if he goes undrafted he can sign with a team and have the opportunity to make the final roster in the fall…I personally think Samardo will spend the rest of his professional career in Europe.

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