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Ryan Taylor Will Visit Kansas

Less than 48 hours after finding out that Louisville was no longer an option, Ryan Taylor has decided to make a visit to Kansas. Jayhawks coach Bill Self extended a scholarship offer to Taylor earlier this afternoon, according to his uncle Paul Handley. Taylor has still not received a high enough test score to qualify, but Handley told that Taylor is just a few points away from getting the score he needs. He took the test for the final time this past Saturday. He is expected to receive his scores in a few weeks.

It is being reported that Rick Pitino decided to no longer pursue Taylor, because he felt confident that Taylor would not qualify. Handley says his nephew currently has offers from Kansas, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Indiana.

Anyone who questions if this kid is good enough to play at Louisville must not have seen him this past weekend. At time, Taylor looked like the best player on the floor during the Kentucky-Indiana All Star series. I hate that the kid wants to play for Louisville so bad, but we simply just don’t have room for him.

This decision may come back to haunt Pitino a couple of years down the road.

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