Rivals Reports Quincy Miller Could Make A Decision Soon.

According to Jerry Meyer and Eric Bossi, of Rivals, 5 star recruit Quincy Miller, could make a decision, sooner than later.

Quote from Meyer: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Pitino received a commitment from Quincy Miller sooner than later. Now, I’m not saying it is a done deal that Miller is headed to Louisville or that he even commits before the spring. But it appears that Louisville has made significant headway with Miller and his teammate Deuce Bello. Presently, there is heavy speculation that the two end up at Louisville in the near future.”

Quote from Bossi: “It’s not always easy to predict something like this but my best guess would be Quincy Miller. While he seems to enjoy the recruiting process, there are a lot of signs pointing to Louisville and nobody else seems to have a bunch of buzz around them.”

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