Rick Pitino Is Launching His Own Podcast

Chris Humphrey

In early April Rick Pitino stated that he’d given his last interview and would be moving on with his life. Since then, he’s done the exact opposite.

By my count, Pitino has done at least four interviews since. He’s also written a “tell all” memoir that is set to be released next month.

On Tuesday evening more proof surfaced that Pitino simply can’t keep himself out of the spotlight.

In a text exchange with Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal Pitino said he’d be launching a podcast and will join Twitter.

A few years after labeling social media as “poision,” Pitino is now on board.

“Every hour, it’s like taking a little bit of poison,” Pitino said when asked about social media on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio program in 2014.” “It poisons their minds.

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