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Rick Pitino Finally Says He Deserved To Be Fired From Louisville

Chris Humphrey

Given what the planet is dealing with when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic some notable sports news items are sliding under the radar.

Rick Pitino finally admitting that he deserved to be fired by the University of Louisville almost doesn’t seem real, but then again, nothing seems real at this point.

Pitino made his radio rounds doing interviews earlier this week after it became official that he’ll return to college basketball as he takes over at Iona.

During his appearance on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie show Pitino said that he deserved to be fired by Louisville.

“What I learned mostly and I didn’t do a good job of — excuses I always believe are a sign of weakness,” Pitino said. “I made excuses. I should’ve just said, ‘I hired him. I take full responsibility. The axe has to fall on me which it did and move on.’ I just wish I would’ve just handled it that way. Looking back on it now, I deserved to be fired by Louisville. Was I innocent of any wrongdoing? Yes I was, but I was the leader and I deserved to be fired. I need to move on and that’s what I probably have learned the most.”

In all seriousness, good for Rick. I’m not sure if he’s totally a peace with the fallout at Louisville, but this admission is a big step in the right direction.

You can hear the full WFAN interview here.

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