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Is Rick Pitino Coach-2?

Reports surfaced on Thursday morning that Rick Pitino was the unnamed “Coach 2” mentioned in the FBI indictment released on Tuesday morning. CBS News, ABC News & the New York Times all claimed to have a source that indicated Pitino was the unnamed coach that was mentioned nine times in the FBI complaint.

An unnamed UofL assistant coach (Coach-1) met in a hotel room in Las Vegas with a cooperating witness, an undercover agent as well as Christian Dawkins, who works for a sports management company and AAU coach Jonathon Brad Augustine.

The meeting was being recorded on video as Augustine says he expected addias to pay for at least a portion of future payments to another Louisville recruit or his family because “no one swings a bigger dick than [Coach-2]” at the company. He added that all Coach-2 has to do is “pick up the phone and call somebody, [and say] these are my guys, they’re taking care of us.”

Coach-1 went on to say “Coach-2 is not a guy to have his own agent already set up and it would fall on Coach-1 & another assistant coach at UofL to steer the athlete to an agent or advisor. It’s worth mentioning that the other assistant coach at UofL is not in fact Coach-2.

It didn’t take long for Rick Pitino’s attorney, Steve Pence, to respond to the reports that his client was Coach-2 and had a role in funneling money to the family of a top recruit.

On Thursday afternoon Pence did not confirm or deny that Pitino was Coach-2. However, he did say that any reports of his client being involved in getting money to a recruit are completely false.

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