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Report: NCAA Expected To Issue Reply To UofL’s Response To Notice of Allegations On Friday

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Friday afternoon will be a big day for the University of Louisville men’s basketball program for more than one reason. Not only will Rick Pitino and his team appear in their first post season game since 2015, but they’ll also receive the NCAA’s replied response to UofL’s response to their notice of allegations.

Below is an excerpt from Jeff Greer of the Courier-Journal’s article.

Friday is the NCAA’s 60-day deadline to reply to U of L’s response to the NCAA’s initial notice of allegations, which was sent in October. Once those documents are filed, the Committee on Infractions typically has 30-to-45 days to review the information submitted by both the NCAA’s enforcement staff and the institution before holding a hearing. U of L Athletics Director Tom Jurich told the school’s Athletic Association in January that the case could go into the early summer months.

The committee hearing is a lot like court with both sides making oral arguments to a panel of judges.

“It’s at the hearing where the Committee on Infractions, theoretically having read the notice of allegations and all the parties’ responses and the enforcement staff’s reply, asks questions of people attending the hearing and then issues its decision,” Stuart Brown, an Atlanta-based attorney who has worked on NCAA cases, said in January.

U of L has the option to appeal whatever the Committee on Infractions decides, which would lead to a second hearing, this time in front of an appeals panel.

Although this is clearly bad timing, it’s tough to know what we’ll actually learn from this. The actual final step in the process will be when UofL and the NCAA meet before the committee of infractions this spring.

Also, as far as timing, it really shouldn’t come as a big surprise. This has been the expected time frame for everything since the notice of allegations were given to UofL in October.

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