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Kevin Ware Has Reportedly Backed Out Of Derby Festival Classic

According to Evan Daniels of, Kevin Ware has backed out of the Kentucky Derby Festival Classic. This is not too surprising considering the circumstances. Ware was probably expecting a lot of boo’s after he recently chose UCF over Louisville.

It’s pretty cowardly, but I can’t blame him. I had hopes that if Card Nation was to cheer him on this weekend he may reconsider his decision, considering he has only verbally committed to UCF. I really think that if he was to see how much he would be embraced by this city, it would have made his decision a lot tougher.

I can’t help but imagine how badly Pitino’s visit to the Ware household on Sunday must have been. Either he was that bad, or Donnie Jones was that good. It absolutely baffles me that Ware wouldn’t even visit Louisville before making a final decision, considering he was already going to be here for the Derby Classic.

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