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Pitino’s Press Conference Recap

  • Zach Price is currently out of action after suffering a concussion. According to Pitino, Price fell and hit his head on a door knob in Minardi Hall. He is expected to be back in about a week or so.
  • Pitino says the practices are more beneficial than the actual games being played in the Bahamas. Cards will play two pro teams and have two intrasquad scrimmages.
  • Rakeem Buckles, Jared Swopshire, Kevin Ware, and Wayne Blackshear will not make the trip to the Bahamas.
  • Swopshire recently had another surgery in Philadelphia to try to repair his injured groin. Pitino again compared this injury to Taquan Dean’s 2005 groin injury.
  • When asked about the potential Dominican National Team exhibition, Pitino said that’s not of his business and he has no knowledge of it. “If Lady Gaga can perform there, so can the Dominican National Team”, Pitino said. 
  • Pitino said the starting line-up as of right now would be Siva, C. Smith, Kuric, Behanan, and Dieng.
  • Chane Behanan will likely play a lot of minutes next season. Coach Pitino compared his game to former Cardinal Rodney McCray and former Providence forward Ryan Gomes.
  • Luke Hanckock is suffering from the same shoulder that Wayne Blackshear is currently recovering from. Pitino says he is just as excited about Hancock as he is any of the kids they are bringing in this season.
  • Coach Pitino again stated that he fully expects Ware and Blackshear to arrive on campus following the Bahamas trip. Pitino said Earl Clark went through the same thing in 2006.
  • Pitino says Van Treese’s jump shot has improved more than anyone on the team this off-season.
  • Gorgui Dieng needs to improve his shot blocking? Pitino says Dieng defends with his arms down. With improvement, he could be one of the best shot blockers in the country next season, according to Pitino.
  • Behanan’s attitude has been a pleasant surprise. Pitino expected Chane to have to make adjustments, but claims he has been the easiest freshman to coach.
  • Pitino expects Swopshire to be ready by the time school starts and expects Blackshear to be back by mid September.
  • Siva has been the best leader this off-season, on and off the court. The team looks to Peyton for leadership in every way. Pitino said Siva could be the best young man he has ever coached.
  • Loss to California in 09 hurt Pitino worse than last season’s first round loss to Morehead.
  • Pitino predicts Blackshear will play a number of different positions.
  • Coach P wants to win a championship before he talks about retiring.
  • Pitino claims he is a big supporter of Charlie Strong. He predicts Louisville football will again be a national power as early as next season.
  • Pitino is not a fan of Twitter. Wishes the NCAA would allow coaches to communicate with recruits through text messaging.
Nick Coffey
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