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Pitino’s Attorney Says He Should Be Reinstated

Chris Humphrey

Rick Pitino’s attorney, Steve Pence, submitted his defense to the University of Louisville Athletic Association Board on Monday afternoon.

As expected, Pence continues to claim that UofL did not have cause to move forward with terminating Pitino’s contract. Pence also says that his client voluntarily met with the FBI and took a polygraph test.

Not only does Pence say that Pitino shouldn’t have been placed on administrative leave, he also says Pitino should be reinstated as the head coach.

“The coach did not engage in any of this activity, he didn’t know about the activity,” Pence told the media on Monday afternoon. I think we made a very compelling case to the board, I think they listened attentively and we’ll just have to wait and see what they say.”

[Pence’s 53-page document submitted to the board]

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