On Sunday afternoon Rick Pitino’s name was once again mentioned for one of the vacant head coaching gigs in college basketball.

The Times Union reported that according to one of Pitino’s close friends, the hall-of-famer is interested in talking with Siena College about their opening.

Pitino wants to discuss the opening with Siena officials, said Loudonville thoroughbred owner Roddy Valente, a longtime friend who is a partner with Pitino in the Kentucky Oaks contender Coach Rocks.

“He basically said given the opportunity, he would love to sit down and explore coaching at Siena,’’ Valente said this morning.

Valente said Pitino wants to coach again, regardless of the level.

“He loves to coach,’’ Valente added. “He said Siena would be a good fit. He loves the area. He’s turned down two jobs because of where they were located. He loves the Capital Region.”

The Courier-Journal reached out to Pitino to ask if he’d be interested in coaching Siena and he responded with a “nope.”

This makes sense, considering Pitino said less than two weeks ago on the Dan Patrick show that he won’t coach at the college level until the FBI investigation is complete.

“It’s probably not going to work for me in college basketball,” Pitino said in what he referred to as his last media interview for a while.

“I think in two years they’ll say, ‘Man, that guy was really railroaded out of the business,'” Pitino said. “It’ll come out that I’m innocent.”