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Overall Dysfunction Is Louisville Football’s Biggest Problem Under Petrino

Chris Humphrey

There is a problem bigger with Louisville‘s football program than a losing record.

It is the the lack of stability that has led to complete dysfunction within the football program.

There is a lack of leadership from the top of the program and it has had a trickle-down effect that as resulted all areas of the program.

Three recruits decommitted in the span of four days. Two players have decided to transfer and left the team before the season came to an end.

A lack of fight in the last four games has resulted in Louisville being outscored 237-102.

There has been a pattern of dysfunction building throughout the previous seasons.

The lack of stability has been evident as Petrino has had three different defensive coordinators in the past three seasons and the last two have been object failures.

Louisville suspended offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway from coaching in the Citrus Bowl for giving the defensive staff leaked information about Wake Forest’s game plan during a game on Nov. 12 2016.

Prior to the beginning of this season, Louisville football’s Tight End Coach, Chris Klenakis was charged with DUI, reckless driving, and possession of alcohol 12 days prior to beginning the season against the defending national champions in Alabama.

A quarterback controversy between Jawon Pass and Malik Cunningham that affected Louisville negatively against Virginia instead of coming
together to perform better.

There is a lack of discipline with the players on and off the field.

There is constant missed defensive assignments. On offense, there is missed blocking assignments, a poor passing attack, and an ineffective running game. The team commits too many unforced errors resulting in being ranked 77th in penalty yards per game.

Prior to the ignominious showing against Wake Forest, offensive lineman Lukayus McNeil posted two tweets lambasting the Louisville fan base.

“It’s sad that you guys call your selves fans! Nobody came to the march! I do not want to hear anything from anyone about this!!”

“And we can barely get people to our card March! What “FANS” we have”

Off the field, the program has dealt with Louisville tight end Kemari Averett being arrested after police said he held a gun to his girlfriend’s head and threatened to kill her then following that arrest with a rape allegation.

Where is the leadership within the program? When does Petrino take control of his program to prevent the downhill spiral?

Elite programs may deal with controversy but they handle it and move forward to prevent further missteps and to have a successful season.

Louisville has the done the complete opposite and it falls on Petrino.

This season, the lack of leadership under Petrino has led to controversy after controversy, which has revealed the biggest indictment within this losing season.

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