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Notes From Saturday’s Practice

Here are some notes from yesterday’s open practice put together by myself and Rodney Gnat. Sorry for the delay.
-Wide Receiver turned DB Stephan Robinson looking very comfortable lining up at the Cornerback position.

-True Freshman Andrew Johnson physically looks like an upperclassman.  At one time lined up against Josh Bellamy.  He’s gonna be counted on to contribute, so you may as well put him up against one of the best.

-DeVante Parker is much larger than I had expected, and showed a lot of athleticism.  Another that should make some noise as a true freshman.

-CB Jordan Paschal seemed ready to do what it takes to earn a starting nod at one of the wide open roster spots at Cornerback.

-About halfway through practice Teddy Bridgewater left the practice field on the cart, but returned about 45 minutes later and resumed practice.

-Michaelee Harris wore what seemed to be a cast on the left wrist or thumb area.

-Jamaine Brooks looks to have slimmed down to about 325lbs, improved on his footwork, and appears to be ready to contend for PT. 

-Coach Strong looking like he may have put in a little time doing some winter conditioning of his own.

-Similar to some of the South Florida teams of recent years, this team has a lot of speed which could help make up for some of those early season mistakes.

-Andrell Smith has got to improve on his consistency.  The same inconsistency witnessed last year was still evident on the practice field today at times.  However, there is no question he has the ability to be one of the best WR’s on this squad. 

-George Durant made himself noticable out there today.  Unfotunately for him, the coaches noticed him a time or two as well.

-Jeremy Wright will out-perform Victor Anderson this year.

-Will Stein threw with tremendous accuracy.  Lets hope that translates from the pratice field to actual game-time situations.

-It’s quite obvious that there is a lot of talent out on the field.  With more practice and some fine tuning, this team will suprise a lot of people.

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