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The Damarcus Smith Situation Is Not Looking Good

There has still been no official word on the status of Damarcus Smith, but from what I am hearing it’s not looking good for the Cards. Some are actually reporting that Smith has already signed a letter of intent with Central Florida. That has yet to be confirmed, but the talk is definitely starting to sound like Damarcus may be heading south.

Smith originally had planned on making his decision and signing on Friday, but earlier this morning rumors started to spread that he was ready to sign his letter of intent with UCF as early as today. Like I said nothing has been confirmed yet, but all this UCF talk has me pretty nervous.

No matter what Damarcus decides I wish him the best, but this situation has turned ugly pretty quick. For over a year Smith was thought to be the player that had the potential to bring this program back to where it was just a few years ago. However, since Teddy Bridgewater committed to the Cards six weeks ago, Damarcus’s situation has changed quite a bit. He first came out and stated that he is still 100% committed to Louisville and looked forward to the competition, but since he received word from the clearing-house that he would not be able to enroll early his attitude has changed quite a bit. A couple of weeks ago Smith made a visit to Central Florida that he called a great experience and said he had a lot to think about.

As far as we know Smith is still committed to Louisville, but things could soon change. I have stated this before, if the season started today I would start Smith over Bridgewater. Most are shocked by that, but Damarcus is more physically ready for this level. Bridgewater’s potential is through the roof, Smith is the better quarterback right now.


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