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NCAA Board of Governors Supports Player Endorsement Plan

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The NCAA has taken a big step towards giving athletes name, image, and likeness rights.

On Wednesday they announced that the Board of Governors supports the proposed rule changes to allow athletes to receive compensation for endorsements and promotions.

Per ESPN, here are the proposed changes from the meeting.

–Allow student-athletes to make money by modeling apparel as long as that apparel doesn’t include school logos or other “school marks.”

–Allow athletes to make money from advertisements. Athletes would be allowed to identify themselves as college athletes in advertisements, but would not be allowed to reference the school they attend or include any school marks in the advertisement.

–Prohibit athletes from marketing products that conflict with NCAA legislation, such as gambling operations or banned substances. Individual schools would also be allowed to prohibit athletes from marketing products that do not line up with the school’s values.

–Allow athletes to hire an agent to help procure marketing opportunities, so long as that agent does not seek professional sports opportunities for the client during his or her college career.

–Require athletes to disclose the details of all endorsement contracts to their athletic department. The working group would recommend further discussion about whether a third party should be involved in overseeing these disclosures in a way that prevents endorsement deals from becoming improper recruiting enticements.

It goes without saying that this is absolutely a game changer for college athletics.

There are obviously a ton of unanswered questions as this will need to be regulated, but this is the right move by the NCAA. College athletes not having economic rights is unreal in the year 2020.

This will obviously be something that we monitor closely for however long it takes to fully get the system in place.

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