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Moving Forward Is The Only Option For Louisville Fans

Chris Humphrey

June 15 was a rough day Cards’ fans, as they well know. Now that the dust is as settled as it’s going to be for a while, the majority of fans are back from the edges of their respective cliffs and all but the least respectable UK fans are done throwing firebombs, it’s time to gather ourselves and try to move forward.

We just have to do a few things first.

First, if you aren’t already, then calm the heck down.

I know you’re probably still mad. And sad, shell-shocked, perhaps a tad ashamed and embarrassed. You may be asking yourself and others why the NCAA would hold the program accountable for McGee and another coach not cooperating when the Cards would have no possible way of making them cooperate. And just how a reliable a few of the star witnesses in this whole case were, but that doesn’t matter any more.

We need to be cool. Calm ourselves in the face of this adversity.

For many, the ruling from the NCAA last week was supposed to be the last page in this long and sordid chapter of the Cards’ history, one in which the worst was over. Instead the few dozen pages of that report were a horror story, not only in the sick descriptions of the acts committed by Andre McGee and others, but also with a ruling that may bury the 2013 National Championship forever.

And it might not end for a while. In between various appeals and even possible litigation, we may not get the final word until well into 2018 if not longer. And when the final final final ruling on this comes down, whenever that may be, fans should look forward to a repeat of the breathless scourging the program received when the punishments first came down.

So really the only thing we can do is remain calm and do not give in to fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate leads to some horrible movies…or something, I forgot where I was going with that.

Second, smile and nod.

The high road sucks.

It’s hard to take the high road when the name of your beloved school has been dragged through the gutter, you’re facing the erasure of multiple seasons of athletic success from all but memory, national media are tearing bloody chunks out of you and UK fans you work with, live with and maybe even love have been rubbing your nose in it. Cards fans have suffered slings and arrows, more blows are coming and have had precious little to retort with.

You may have the perfect reasoning as to why Rick Pitino couldn’t have known about the sex parties, or a clever verbal counter-punch to a jab from an opposing fan, but just shut up and take your lumps.

The simple truth is that there are precious few responses to such attacks that won’t either descend into the abyss of name-calling, make you sound like a jerk, or closely resemble defending prostitution, which would also probably make you sound like a jerk. You don’t need to be a jerk, there are quite enough of those floating around these days. Be nice and patiently await the day when the nation if not the world is looking up at us from the highest of heights.

For those times are coming friends, it may be awhile, but like a phoenix we shall rise again.

Third, enjoy the Summer dammit.

It’s Summertime! Go out and bask in the sun’s rays after months of Louisville’s schizophrenic hot-cold-hot-cold-apocalypse-ice age weather. Lose the laundry and go swimming. Catch Shakespeare in the Park or enjoy one of the dozens of festivals in this city every weekend. Go out and play some basketball and pretend you’re Luke Hancock drilling all those threes in the Championship Game. Catch up on all those shows you’ve been meaning to binge. Hell, you can even read a book!

Just not that book.

Never that book.

Chris Acree

Chris Acree joined The Cardinal Connect as a contributing writer in August of 2016.

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