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Montrezl Harrell Has The Best Shoe Game In The NBA

Clippers Weekly: Montrezl Harrell & his (major) love (obsession) with shoes

Montrezl Harrell really likes shoes 👟🆒Check out his impressive collection via #ClippersWeekly

Posted by Fox Sports WEST on Saturday, December 15, 2018

If you didn’t already know, former Cardinal Montrezl Harrell is believed to have the best shoe game in the NBA.

Trez has a different pair of shoes for the first & second half of every game, and keeps more than ten different pairs in his locker. These shoes are far from your basic/standard pair of kicks.

Nearly every pair you see Harrell wearing have been customized. 

The NBA recently changed their shoe policy and Harrell is certainly taking advantage of it.

In previous years, players were not allowed to wear shoes that didn’t match their team colors. With that rule no longer in place, Trez is able to show his creativity. 

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