Monday Afternoon Update

These Cardinal fans of the day are celebrating an anniversary.

— Other than the conference carosel today has been relatively slow. Not very shocking considering there is no College Football, Basketball, or Baseball for another 3 months. According to AggieYell.com Texas A&M has the support from administration to make the move to the SEC. The Aggies will benefit greatly from the move how the SEC becomes any stronger I dont know.

— Plenty of Cards fans are still waiting to see what happens to the rest of the Big 12. ESPN’s Joe Schad claims to have 5 very credible sources that say Texas will be heading the the Pac10. Chip Brown of OrangeBloods.com claims that once Nebraska and Colorado made their moves, a TV network saw realignment about to blow and stepped forward with the plan stop chaos and save the Big12. If that is true I have to believe that A&M will reconsider the move to the SEC. Losing Nebraska and Colorado makes the Big12 smaller but stronger. Right now the Big East is still standing strong, but I have to believe that if another BCS conference wants to speak to any of the 8 football schools they will listen.

— Over the weekend I had the chance to speak with Cardinal Wide Receiver Josh Chichester and he says if he can stay injury free he would love to play both sports football and basketball again.In the 2007-2008 season when the basketball team was hit with suspensions and injuries Coach Pitino brought Josh in as a reserve. I am sure many of you remember the M.J. fade away Chichester buried in Rupp Arena.

— On Friday Louisville Junior Matt Hughes won the NCAA Championship in the men’s 3,000-meter steeplechase at the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Not a big track and field follower but this picture caught my eye. Only NCAA champions can pull off the mustache…Congrats Mr. Hughes.



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