Miller & Bello Update


Yesterday afternoon Jeff Goodman of FoxSports reported that Scott Drew and the Baylor basketball program are under investigation by the NCAA. The ongoing investigation surrounds the recruitment of 6-foot-9 Hanner Perea, a junior from Colombia who transferred to LaLumiere High School in Indiana.

Many are wondering if this will have any effect on Louisville’s chances on landing Miller and Bello, but from what I understand the answer is no. When you mention Baylor and investigation the first thing that comes to my mind is Brian Clifton and Quincy Miller, but oddly enough, they have nothing to do with the investigation.

As I stated last week, Louisville might actually be the one who put the brakes on the recruitment of Miller. I’m not saying there is no chance the Cards will land Quincy, but I really don’t see it happening.  

Since Quincy and Deuce’s visit last month, both went from having nothing but great things to say about Louisville to saying next to nothing about the Cards. Bello, seems like an absolute lock for Baylor, and Quincy has recently added Duke to his list of schools. Miller, will visit Duke this weekend for their midnight madness festivities.

Miller and Bello both still have the Cards in their top three, but if you look
at the way Pitino has been recruiting in the past few weeks, it looks like he has completely moved on.

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