Maybe Pitino Is Interested In Siena After All

Chris Humphrey

On Sunday morning the Times Union reported that Rick Pitino had interest in the head coaching vacancy at Siena College in  New York.

Once this piece of news surfaced the Courier Journal reached out to Pitino to verify the report. He denied having interest with a subtle “nope,” when asked if it was true that he was interested in coaching at Siena.

Two days later, Pitino has changed his tune. Sort of.

Pitino reached out to Times Union reporter Chris Churchill on Tuesday afternoon to defend his reputation and also talk about his interest in returning to coaching.

“The only thing I’m looking for, wherever I’m going to coach, is to impact the lives of people in some positive way,” Pitino said. “I’m not looking to become wealthy. I’m not looking to be famous. I want to impact lives.”

“Siena is not too small, and School X is not too big,” he said. “I’m looking for the right fit. I’m looking for people who believe in me as a teacher of college basketball and also believe in me as a person.”

“I don’t rule anything out,” Pitino said. “Right now, I’m a coach that misses his best friend in life, and that’s basketball.”

My translator tell me that this means Pitino wants the Siena job.

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