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Maybe Bobby Petrino Really Was Tanking…

What in hell happened to Bobby Petrino?

That’s a question we were all asking ourselves during the 2018 Louisville Football season. Unfortunately we may never know specifically what led to a very good football coach completely crumbling.

Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated recently highlighted just how big of a mess was left for Scott Satterfield to clean up.

Below is an excerpt. Check out the full article here.

It looked from the outside as if Petrino and his staff were tanking with the hope of getting bought out. The stories that have seeped out since Petrino was fired on Nov. 11 have only deepened that suspicion. The staff didn’t hold regular recruiting meetings—something every staff in the country does. Only one person, the director of football operations, had the head coach’s cell phone number. Players had no idea where the head coach’s office was because they weren’t welcome there. High school coaches weren’t allowed to watch practice. These are the things a coaching staff does if it wants to drive a program into the ground, and if that was the goal, Petrino succeeded mightily.

He got his $14 million buyout. Someone else would have to clean up the mess.

Realistically speaking it is hard to imagine someone achieving the success that Petrino did and then simply deciding to blow it all up. With that said, there appears to be some strong evidence that Petrino wasn’t really trying to get the situation fixed.

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