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L’s Down: Let’s Talk About It

“L’s Down” from Kentucky fans/players has never really bothered me much.

In fact, the overused gesture serves as proof as to just how obsessed they are with their rival. It’d be different if they only did it after beating Louisville, but that’s not the case. Kentucky fans and players have thrown L’s Down in situations that have nothing to do with Louisville.

At least ten families from Big Blue Nation will send out their Christmas Cards this year with the whole gang throwing L’s Down.

It’s just what they do.

Even if you find it annoying or classless, isn’t it Louisville’s job to stop them from doing it by taking care of business on the field?

BTW, can both sides agree to stop arguing about which program/fan-base has more class? Both sides are guilty of defending their own when it comes to classless actions.

There is real hatred within this rivalry and that’s the way it should be. Arguing over who is more classy is lame and fans don’t really care about it as much as they claim.

With all of that said, it’s really hard to claim that the fan base isn’t sensitive to it when their own coach appeared to be bothered by it.We still haven’t heard an official explanation as to why Scott Satterfield threw “L’s Down” to Mark Stoops at the end of the Governor’s Cup game, but he clearly looked pissed.

As Louisville was getting crushed on Saturday afternoon I don’t think I even noticed the Kentucky players throwing L’s Down once. Not because they weren’t doing it, but because I was more focused on just bad Louisville was dominated.

If Scott Satterfield was really that bothered by the L’s Down taunting he has every right to address it with the opposing coach, but personally, I thought it was a bad look. When your rival crushes you 45-13 they’re going to be over the top and that’s the way it should be.

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