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Louisville Slotted With 2-Seed At 7th Overall In First Ever NCAA Bracket Preview

Chris Humphrey

In an attempt to generate buzz surrounding the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament, CBS decided to put together an late season bracket preview. Earlier this afternoon the NCAA selection committee unveiled the top 16 overall seeds if the NCAA Tournament started today.

Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals were slotted at No. 7 overall with a 2-seed in the East Region. Unfortunately, if this sticks, the Cards will without question have the toughest region in the big dance.

East Region

  1. Villanova (overall No. 1 seed)
  2. Louisville (overall No. 7 seed)
  3. Kentucky (overall No. 12 seed)
  4. UCLA (overall No. 15 seed)

Midwest Region

  1. Kansas (overall No. 2 seed)
  2. Florida State (overall No. 6 seed)
  3. Arizona (overall No. 9 seed)
  4. Duke (overall No. 16 seed)

South Region

  1. Baylor (overall No. 3 seed)
  2. North Carolina (overall No. 5 seed)
  3. Florida (overall No. 11 seed)
  4. Butler (overall No. 13 seed)

West Region

  1. Gonzaga (overall No. 4 seed)
  2. Oregon (overall No. 8 seed)
  3. Virginia (overall No. 10 seed
  4. West Virginia (overall No. 14 seed)
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