Louisville No Longer An Option For Quentin Snider

qsnider 5For three consecutive years there was no doubt in my mind that Quentin Snider would be in a Louisville uniform in 2014. The thought of him playing his college basketball anywhere else just didn’t make sense. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Since his de-commitment on Wednesday afternoon, Snider has not been contacted by Rick Pitino or his staff and Louisville is no longer an option for him.

From all the folks I’ve talked to over the past 48-hours, it sounds like Snider’s decision ultimately came down to playing time. He wants to be able to play right away and apparently he wasn’t confident that would be possible at Louisville.

Snider wasn’t sure of what his role would be, which led to him wanting to look elsewhere. The de-commitment has ultimately led to Rick Pitino no longer pursuing Snider.

Although the hometown school won’t be his destination, Snider has plenty of solid options. After committing to Louisville in August of 2011, Snider hadn’t spoken to any other schools, but just 48-hours after reopening his recruitment; he’s received offers from ten schools.

Minnesota, USC, West Virginia, Connecticut, Marquette, Illinois, Memphis, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt and Loyola Marymount have offered.  UCLA, Indiana, Michigan State, Xavier, Cincinnati, Butler, Texas Tech, and Manhattan have expressed interest, but not yet offered.

Indiana head coach Tom Crean made a direct phone call to Snider on Wednesday night and was able to convince him to take a trip to Bloomington for a visit.

I certainly didn’t see this coming, but in the end, Snider has to do what is best for him. I wish him nothing, but the best.

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