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Louisville Comes Up Short In “Super Secret” Scrimmage With Ohio State

Chris Humphrey

In a Sunday afternoon “super secret” scrimmage that no one was allowed to attend, Chris Mack and the Louisville Cardinals came up short losing to Ohio State, 80-69.

By NCAA rules, neither team can publicize the scrimmage, and no one is allowed to watch other than team personnel. Official statistics are not published by either team, but a select few college basketball reporters are given scores and details from the various scrimmages.

Here is what we know.

The report of Louisville being down two-starters may be a little misleading. I don’t think we know for sure what the starting lineup will be when this team is fully healthy. With that said, I can confirm the two players that didn’t play were Malik Williams and David Johnson who we already knew were sidelined with injuries.

The photo gallery shared at the official Louisville Basketball Facebook page also make it look like Williams, Johnson and Slazinski were the only three that didn’t play.

The loss is a bummer, but it’s hard to really have much reaction given that we didn’t see any of the action and still have yet to see a box-score.

It’s worth mentioning that Ohio State is believed to be one of the top teams in the Big Ten this year along with Michigan State and Maryland. Their big man Kaleb Wesson is one of the premiere front-court players in the country.

It’d be nice to hear Chris Mack’s comments on the scrimmage, but per NCAA rules that’s not allowed.

I assume this was a good overall experience for the Cards, despite coming up short.

Update: We now have some highlights.

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