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Louisville Basketball: Pitino Talks About His Team & Previews Red & White Game

pitino crawford presser

Rick Pitino met with the media on Friday afternoon to discuss his new book and also talk about his team. He spent some time talking about tomorrow’s Red & White scrimmage as well. Here are some notable quotes.

On the first few practices

“We’ve had maybe three practices, today will be the fourth. We’re waiting a little bit. It’ll be ragged. I’m hoping without many substitutes they’ll be able to get through a game.”

Luke Hancock’s Injury Status

“He’s had a combination of things. He’s totally healed, but I’m going to treat him like an old baseball player and just let him rest. I want to give him another two weeks of taking it easy. I want him to have another great February and March.”

Backcourt outperforming Frontcourt

“Very impressed with the backcourt but the frontcourt has to catch up. We knew that would be the case with this group.”

The loss of Siva & Dieng

“We’re not going to miss the fact that they’re pros. We’re going to miss their attitude and leadership ability. They’re the ultimate Louisville first guys.“

The newcomers

“The good thing is, Chris Jones isn’t’ your typical first year player, he’s a junior college guy who is a little older. Terry Rozier isn’t your typical freshman; he’s a prep school guy who is a little more mature. Anton Gill is very mature. Akoy has really worked hard to get his body into shape. His transformation is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.”

Rotating frontcourt starting spots

“I’m going to alternate starting spots. What I’m trying to do this year is make sure Chane Behanan and Montrezl Harrell get the most minutes. Having them start together wouldn’t help that. I don’t want to have Mangok and SVT on the floor at the same time. That is two guys who don’t score points”

Hancock won’t participate in Red & White game

“He’s going to smoke a cigar and relax.”

Russ Smith & Chris Jones on the same team.

“They play opposite each other in practice every day, but I want to see them together in this scrimmage. It’ll be great for Terry. He’s a great basketball player. I really want to get him some experience at the one.”

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