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Lorenzo Mauldin Says He’s Coming To The Ville

6’4 240 lb. defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin says he will play for the Cards. Earlier this morning Mauldin posted this on his Facebook account.

Mauldin was a long time South Carolina commitment but was spurned by the Gamecocks on national signing day after they over-committed their scholarship allotment.

“I don’t believe they thought I would make the qualifying test score. It kind of made me feel like they were wishing for me to not make the score.”

“The way South Carolina did me was not an ideal situation because I didn’t expect it to happen. But it did, so when it came down to it, I just took it as another trial in life and decided to overcome it. So I went on some visits to see what other teams had to offer and I liked Louisville.”

Mauldin said he did not inform South Carolina of his decision and hasn’t spoke with its coaches for a while.

“I’m sure they found out through media,” he said. “They still haven’t contacted me and I haven’t made an effort to contact them either. Once again, I felt like there was some favoritism going on there. I kind of gave up on that situation.”

Mauldin has had a pretty tough up bringing, spending time in several different foster homes as a child. The situation at South Carolina didn’t make things much better for  him either. I’m glad he is getting the opportunity to be a part of the Cardinal family.

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