Let’s Not Freak Out, The 2011 Class Will Be Fine!

This has not been a great week for the Cardinal basketball program. However, I really don’t think it is as bad as some make it out to be. Losing Tony Wroten to Washington hurts, but I think we will be just fine. I won’t be the guy who says “oh well, we never really wanted him”, or “were better off without him”, because that would be a lie. Anytime you lose a top 30 player it sucks, but we still have a GREAT 2011 CLASS! We could not sign another player and still likely end up with a top 5 class. The only real negative thing is that Rick Pitino was dead set on signing a point guard for this class, but he has completely struck out with that. Teague will play at Kentucky, Josiah Turner committed to Arizona, and now Tony Wroten to Washington.  I anticipate Peyton Siva will be here for 4 years, so if the Cards can land a point guard in 2012 they will be fine.


All of the talk about Rick Pitino being a washed up recruiter is ridiculous. You can criticize him for maybe being a little inconsistent with his recruiting, but how many coaches can go through what he did in the off-season and still be able to go into the homes of teenagers and convince their parents to let their kids play for him? I actually think what he has done is pretty impressive. The 2010 class was an ABSOLUTE FAIL! No denying that, but the 2009 class was pretty good and the 2011 class will be one of the best in school history. Rick is far from washed up.


These are the four current guys we have for the 2011 class.

There is still a good chance Louisville signs at least two more players. A lot can happen over the next 6 months, but I imagine the Cardinal staff will turn all of its attention to 4 star wingman Rodney Hood who will be in town this weekend.

As far as Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello, it’s really not looking good at this point. Deuce seems to have taken Louisville completly off of his radar. There have been some talks this week that Louisville and Rick Pitino actually backed off of Quincy Miller. As crazy as that sounds there might be some actual truth to that. There are a lot of red flags popping up around Quincy Miller, mainly due to his relationship with Brian Clifton. Clifton, is known for being a so-called “street agent” who represented John Wall during his recruiting process. Long story short, Miller could end up causing Pitino some trouble down the road and that is the last thing that he needs right now. Quincy stated that his visit on the 4th went great, and three days later Chane Behanan committed and said that he was confident that Miller and Bello would join him. Since that date, Pitino has started to heavily persue Rodney Hood, offered Long Island wing Tyler Harris, and got a committment from Angel Nunez last week. These three players all play a similar style of Miller. I’m not saying it’s for sure true, but it sure does look like Rick has backed off of Miller.

I know the fan-base has gotten quite a bit of bad news this week, but I can assure you that this 2011 class is still going to be great.

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