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Kevin Ware Down To Georgia & Louisville

Kevin Ware told the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Sunday evening that he would visit Georgia this week, and Louisville at the end of the month before he makes his final decision. Ware listed Kansas State, Kansas, UGA, UCLA and Louisville last week as the five schools he was considering, but it sounds like it’s going to come down to UGA and Louisville.

Although Ware was in Louisville last month for the Derby Classic, this will be his first official visit to the school. I know he was very impressed with the city, fan-base, and arena, so I say the Cards have a decent shot.

It seems like the majority of the fan base doesn’t think adding Ware would be a wise decision, but I couldn’t disagree more. I realize he has been involved in a lot of drama in the past couple months, but if you take a closer look at his situation, he is somewhat of a victim. I don’t think Kevin is the type of kid that tries to be in the spotlight. He was committed to Tennessee for two years before Pearl was fired. I imagine most Louisville fans had no clue who Kevin Ware was until he became available. The Central Florida situation looks bad, but Ware did exactly what he was supposed to do. Once he found out what was going out with  he coaching staff and Kenneth Caldwell, he cut all ties with the program. The Ware family handled that situation exactly like they should have, in my opinion.

Kevin had a poor showing in the Derby Classic, which has a lot of fans thinking we don’t need him, but I can assure you, his athleticism and speed is not something you pass up. Outside of Peyton Siva, Ware would be this teams best on-ball defender next season, if he ends up at Louisville. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Ware is a guy that Louisville HAS TO HAVE, but if you have the opportunity to bring him in, I think it’s a no brainer.

I received a few emails last week from some fans that said brining in Kevin Ware would basically be the equivalent of bringing any another Russ Smith. No disrespect to Russ, but that is absolutely false. Kevin Ware is one of the most explosive athletes in the 2011 class. I hear Russ has already made some improvement since the season ended, but in my opinion, Ware is on a whole other level.

You’re telling me you wouldn’t want this kid in Louisville?

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