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Jennings Was Advised To Return To School

According to Chad Ford of ESPN, Terrence Jennings was advised by most NBA scouts and general managers to come back to school and work on his game for one more year.

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Coincidentally, Jennings’s decision comes just one day after ESPN’s Chad Ford, writing based on what he hears from NBA scouts and general managers, advised the Louisville forward to go back to school and work on his game for another season. According to those scouts, Jennings’ athleticism makes him an interesting prospect, but his inconsistency is scary enough that “there’s a good chance he will go undrafted.” So why is Jennings making the leap? He told the Louisville Courier-Journal that he believes he can “find a spot” in the league next season:

“Everything is looking on the up and up right now — nobody has given me reason to pull my name out of the draft this year,” he said. “That was the whole thing, just getting out there and playing in front of a couple of [general managers] and scouts and getting feedback.

“Most of the feedback I had gotten from them was I might be able to find a spot this year.”

It’s a little scary to think that T.J. made this decision because he thinks he “might be able to find a spot“.

Jennings has signed with agent Eddie Lau, who is a friend of Coach Pitino.

“I’ve been working with Eddie for a while now,” the 6-foot-10, 235-pound Jennings, a Sacramento, Calif., native, said in an exclusive interview with on Wednesday morning after a workout at Baruch College. “He’s helped me through this whole process”.

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Louisville coach Rick Pitino has known Lau since Lau and current Manhattan coach Steve Masiello were Knick ball boys during Pitino’s tenure in New York in the late 1980s. Pitino said he didn’t advise Jennings one way or another on whom to hire as an agent.

“I didn’t even know Eddie was an agent until just recently,” Pitino said Wednesday by phone. “I guess he got certified…I have nothing against Eddie. I think he cares about T.J.

“Now is he going to make a difference of whether T.J. gets drafted or not? Absolutely not. And by the way, no agent’s going to make a difference. He’s got to just be diligent making sure T.J. gets in front of as many teams as possible. And if he does that he’s doing a good job. But I just hope he gets T.J. a good deal over in Europe because I think this lockout’s going to be an ugly one.”

I am pretty confident T.J. will spend next year abroad.

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